Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Counselling is a confidential, secure, non-judgemental talking therapy. You will be invited to take the opportunity, in a supported way, to talk and explore yourself, your relationship with food and your body. You may also examine current and historical problems, with the purpose of gaining insights into your feelings and behaviour to find ways of moving forward.

EDS therapists use integrative forms of counselling and psychotherapy which means that all interventions are tailored to best suit your needs. We draw from a range of models in our work together to create a therapeutic experience that works for you and enables you to achieve secure and lasting recovery.

Counselling usually takes place at the same time, in the same place each week and lasts for one hour.

Depending on the therapist, counselling can be offered in person, online, or telephone where appropriate.

Fees for one-to-one counselling: £65 per 1 hour session


Kym teaches two weekly yoga classes which can be joined online. Kym’s teaching style is playful, welcoming, and focusses on developing a positive and peaceful relationship with your body and mind. Kym’s classes could be described as ‘Hatha Vinyasa’, she mixes traditional Hatha Yoga with more modern Vinyasa Flow style, a moving meditation which can be both nourishing and challenging.


7.30am - 30 minutes - A gentle and energising Monday morning class to set your intentions and begin the week ahead. Cost - £8 online only


9.30am - 60 minutes - A full yoga practice, includes breathwork, mindfulness, movement and stillness. Connecting with your self is at the heart of this practice, an opportunity to meet yourself on your mat in the safety of Kym’s guidance. Cost -£8 online or £12 in person


Kym teaches regular workshops which are extended practices enabling a deeper dive in to different aspects of yoga, everything from arm balances to nourishing restorative and seasonal celebrations.

Yoga for Eating Disorders

All of Kym’s classes have a distinct focus on guiding the mind body connection, making them suitable for people in recovery from eating disorders (Obviously physical suitability needs to be taken in to account), she can also offer specific yoga practices to support some difficult aspects of recovery, i.e to aid with digestion, sleep, and managing emotions.

If you are new to yoga or would like some focussed support with your own practice Kym can provide one to one yoga sessions, please ask for more information.


Meditation is a scientifically proven way to access a sense of calm, peace and balance, the health and wellbeing benefits of a regular meditation practice are numerous and far reaching. We have a library of meditations available for free on our YouTube channel which you can find by following our social links.


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