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Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Counselling is a confidential, secure, non-judgemental talking therapy. You are invited to take the opportunity, in a supported way, to talk and explore yourself, your relationship with food and your body. You may also explore current and historical problems and experiences, with the purpose of gaining insights into your feelings and behaviour and find ways of moving forward. EDS counsellors are qualified, experienced and specialised in working with people with eating disorders, body image and associated difficulties.

Yoga and Meditation

Kym teaches two live classes a week which can be joined in person or online. Classes are playful, welcoming and have a distinct focus on developing a mind body connection, making them ideal for those in recovery from eating disorders (physical suitability allowing). Kym also offers one to one yoga sessions, workshops and specific yoga practices to support some difficult aspects of recovery, i.e to aid with digestion, sleep, managing emotions etc. For those interested in meditation Kym has a series of free, deeply relaxing, Yoga Nidra meditations available on our YouTube channel.

Nutritional Therapy

While eating disorders are not all about food, people with eating disorders often end up with a complex relationship with and beliefs about food. We have found that working with an eating disorder informed nutritional therapist to support, guide and challenge can be very useful as part of your recover journey. We have a number of approved nutritional therapists that we can refer you to, and collaborate with, during your treatment.

Ready to recover? We’re here to help

Led by founder, Kym Netherton, EDS is a team of specialist Eating Disorder Therapists based in the South West of England, offering support in-person and online, nationally and internationally. We offer a warm, safe and positive environment for those recovering from eating disorders and their carers.

EDS is committed to offering a holistic, high quality and personalised approach to supporting their clients as individuals at any stage of their journey.

The cornerstone values of our service are collaboration, compassion, and clinical excellence. We believe that recovery is a choice; we know that people are not likely to achieve lasting, meaningful recovery by being forced in to it. We provide services which support clients at their own pace, first empowering them to choose recovery, and then developing to create a life beyond recovery.

We also work with professionals, whether that’s working alongside care teams or through training, supervision and support.

Get in touch

If you’d like to enquire about whether our services are right for you or a loved one, find out about booking, or have any other questions, send us a message and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.

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