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EDS are a team of specialist Eating Disorder Therapists working from several locations across Bath and Wiltshire. We offer a warm, safe and positive environment for sufferers of eating disorders and their carers.

EDS offers a holistic, high quality and personalised approach. The cornerstone values of our service are collaboration, compassion, and clinical excellence.

At EDS, therapy is a choice; we know that people are not likely to achieve lasting, meaningful recovery by being forced in to it, we provide services which support clients at their own pace, first empowering them to choose to recover, and then developing to create a life beyond recovery.

EDS offers services to sufferers, carers and professionals, we work with people one to one, in groups, and via our online training.

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Who do we
work with?

EDS is here for you if you are struggling with any aspect of your relationship with food and your body. We specialise in working with those suffering with eating disorders, such as…

…and many other difficulties involving food, body and eating…

While sadly, disliking your body has become a cultural norm, we believe that loving your body and having a healthy relationship with food is absolutely possible.

Our experienced team of clinicians can offer you guidance, support and help you to understand your feelings. Our aim is to help you claim your own individual recovery and a life free from an eating disorder.

We also work with family members and carers of those suffering, we understand that caring for someone with an eating disorder can be confusing and distressing, and that sometimes it feels as though nothing you do is right. Our team can help you to understand your loved one, avoid the pitfalls and also find ways of supporting yourself.

How do we work?

EDS offers counselling and psychotherapy to sufferers of eating disorders, their families and carers. We also offer holistic group work.

Therapy is a confidential, secure, non-judgemental space. You will be invited to take the opportunity, in a supported way, to talk and explore yourself, your relationship with food and your body. You may also examine current and perhaps historical problems, with the purpose of gaining insights into your feelings and behaviour. This supported exploration can empower you to begin making positive changes to how you feel, how you live, and the choices that you make, enabling you to achieve and maintain a secure recovery.

We are happy to work alongside other medical and mental health services to offer you a supportive and clear care plan.

Therapy can be offered in person in locations across Bath and Wiltshire, via Skype or telephone.